Strange issue with DTPO2 web server and the iPad

We home school and my wife has been using DTPO2 to create a huge catalog of subject content that we’ll be able to use over and over. Saturday we thought we’d check out the iPad release here in Phoenix and ended up buying one thinking it would be a great way to control our classroom content server and as a means to display PDF’s from DTPO2 at the table.

So far it’s really hit and miss. Sometimes PDF’s work from within a certain directory or from within Tags or All PDF Documents but not consistently. At the same time I have no issues using an iPhone or my laptop, they work consistently. Is there anything I can check to see whats happening?

Also with the extra screen space it would be sweet if the iPad’s User-Agent loaded the desktop version of the web page rather then the iPhones.

Unfortunately the desktop version won’t work as Mobile Safari is not powerful enough to run the Cappuccino library that we are using. As for the iPad: As soon as we have one here in Europe I will check :slight_smile:

Is there any diagnosis we can do in the mean time?

Not really. It’s the same with Mobile Safari on the iPhone. Some PDFs that work on the Mac don’t on the iPhone and I have no idea why. I guess the PDF engine is simpler on iPhone OS and so some PDFs simply fail to display.

That’s weird, no proplems at all with the iPhone. The only device having any problems with the pdf’s, which are simple coloring pages, is mobile safari on the iPad and every so often the iPad works!?

So you say the PDFs display well in the iPhone but don’t on the iPad??? Well, as soon as I get my iPad I’ll have a look at this very strange issue.

Well this is strange, the other day we logged my wife’s iPad at my copy of DTPO2 and it works fine. Log it back into her copy and we get the same trouble as before.