strange (lack of) behaviour using import mail scripts

I’m testing out Devonthink Personal. I’ve tried to import mail (from Apple’s Mail (1.3.11) using the Add… To Devonthink scripts under Mail Scripts. When I use the “message(s)” script, nothing happens at all. When I use the “mailbox(es)” script, I get a message that reads “no user interaction allowed”.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Perhaps I need to reimport the scripts somehow? About a year ago I test DT and DTPro, and there are still bit and pieces left on my hard drive from that previous experiment.

Any help appreciated.

Only DT Pro is scriptable and therefore the scripts (probably orphans of your previous experiments) require this edition.

Thanks. Is there another way of using DevonThink Personal to archive emails?


You could select one or more email messages in and do a “Save As…” and select “Rich Text”. You end up with one RTF file that contains all messages. Or use a third party tool.

Thanks. Are there any 3rd party tools you’d recommend, or could direct me towards?