Strange message when scanning

I’ve recently started getting a strange message whenever I scan using Scansnap Manager and DT Pro:

Can’t find group named “scans-rename and file” in any database
Continue with the group set to the general Inbox?

There is no application ID in the message box, but the reference to the general Inbox leads me to believe it’s DT Pro. But I cannot find a reference to such a group name in any of my settings. Any idea where this might be coming from?


That is puzzling.

Make sure you don’t have ScanSnap Manager Settings > Save configured to save scanner output to the Inbox location. That can result in the files being immediately flushed to the Global Inbox database. If you are sending output to DEVONthink Pro Office for OCR, the application will look for the output file in the Inbox location, but it won’t be there.

Are you using a script?

No, no script, and ScanSnap Manager Settings > Save specifies a folder on my desktop. Further, I’ve been through every Manager setting looking for a reference to a group or folder named “scans-rename and file,” and have been unable to find anything.