Strange scan window

In versions 2.9.8 et 2.9.9, the scan window is weird. Before (2.8.8 ), on the right pane, there were many options and it was easy to choose the name, the path, multiple doc, and many other things. It was possible to choose “Select all” to define the scan zone. The only wrong thing was that, when you choosed a multiple doc, it was always sent to inbox, no way to send it in a folder.

But, now, it’s the same for the multiple doc, but The interface let you believe that you can choose the path. Name and path sometimes are not kept after the scan. Several times I choose name and path before scanning but the app changed them after the scan, so I was obliged to rename and move them.

The “Select all” function is disabled in the scan window so I have to draw a zone even if I want to get the entire page. If the zone is wrongly drawn (too big) the app refuses to scan, and it’s difficult to click on the handles to change the size.

I think the scan interface was a little better and easier to use before.

Can you reproduce the name not being maintained? If so, please provide steps. Thanks!

There are two scan size options:

  1. Standard Paper Size (Use Custom Size button set to off)
    With this option you can have only one scan area which will be set to the paper size selected in the size field.

2)Use Custom Size
By default this will select the same area as the standard paper size option however if you select the scan area (mouse click anywhere within the selection rectangle) you can resize the area using the round markers at the corners of the selection area.To select a second selection area mouse click and drag from a starting point outside of any current selection area.

To scan a multi-page document, select in the “To:” field either “Create a new document” or select an existing document from the Documents sub menu. Each scan will be added to this document and when it is complete press the Save button which will save the document in the chosen destination folder. By default this is Global Inbox however you can change this to any folder in the popupmenu under the “To” field. If a document name is not entered, a default name will be generated in the form “Document DATE TIME”.

If the document name when saved in DEVONthink is not what you expect, please raise a support ticket with a screen shot of your scan settings.

  1. I create a new document in “To” (“À” in french)
  2. in the pop-up just under, I define the folder
  3. I enter a name in the Name field
  4. I click on Preview.
  5. When the preview is done, the name has changed and it’s the name of the previous document I made
    After preview.png
    Before preview.png

Thanks for the details, I will take a look.

Thanks. I liked the old way (“Select all” then change size with the six handles) but I think I can get used to the new one. But I don’t understand very well how I can resize the area in a way that makes it bigger than the scanner can handle.

I think I can quickly get used with this new method to get a multi-page document and send it at the place I want. But it works very well the first time, and I have to fight with name, then with path, when I scan a second multi-page document. And, finally, two documents with the same name were saved. I had to fuse them and then rename the result.

For the name of the multi-page doc, I understood a way to have what I want. It works well, without changing name, the first time because, when you open the scan window, the preview is automatically done. So you create a new document and define the name, the path, AFTER the preview.

But, for another document, “Preview” must be clicked because the window is already opened. As I defined the new document and then clicked on Preview, the name changed when clicking.

But I tried to call the preview before creating the new document. After scanning the first page, when I clicked on Preview for the second page, the name defined for the first page was kept, and it’s exactly what I wanted.

So I think that the preview of first page must be done before the creation of a new document.

So working with multi-page documents works but, after, I can’t retrieve the way to scan single documents (it keeps on creating a new document which must be saved). The only way I know is quitting and reopening DEVONthink.