strange search behaviour..

Hi all, i’m getting strange search results; it doesn’t seem to scan properly:

I have a quit a few documents that have the number “18400” in it’s content; they belong together but are scannend in different periods.
Logically i would think that if i search on 18400 they will be grouped together, but this does not happen.

Even worse; if i search for 8400, the 18400 doesn’t pop up…
I have tried “fuzzy”, but that doesn’t do much either, and i get a lot of stuff that i’m not looking for.

Anyone else seen this? And is there a way to make this work? It’s quit important to me since this is my bookkeeping database.

Thanks in advance!

If you wish to have 8400 found in the string ‘18400’, use a wildcard search, such as *8400 or – if there might be only 1 character in front of ‘8400’, ?8400.

If the string ‘8400’ might be within a longer string, use '8400 as the query.

Of course, if there is any other term that should be common to all the documents you are looking for, and that is relatively unique to them, they will be better clustered in the list of search results.

Ahaa…:wink: Super, thanks Bill!