Strange, simplistic question

I managed to run Easy Find two days ago and it found a few nasty things that Spotlight and Sophos missed.

Curiously, when I tried to run it again, I couldn’t remember how to select the hard drive I wanted it to scan. I tried pulling the hard drive into scan window but it wouldn’t take.

I managed somehow to get the alias for the drive in, which it scanned and came up with five files. But I couldn’t see the path anywhere so I could delete them.

Thank you for your help. I assure you I am not a complete idiot!

By default EasyFind should display the path in its own column (“Location”) but this can be customized by control/right-clicking on the header of the results view. In addition, the path of the selected item is displayed at the bottom of the window too. Finally, folders/volumes can be selected via the pop-up menu above the results view but drag & drop should be also possible. Which version are you using?