Strange things happened after rebuild database (solved)

I’m on V3.51 and macOS 10.15.5. Today I found that search by name could not find some files randomly. I thought something was wrong with the index of my database. I rebuild the database.

Somehow it’s getting worst. I have hundreds of files (not indexed files) whose names begin with “Abstract” but the search couldn’t find a single one by using any form of name or content search by using the word “Abstract” or even “Abs*”. I have checked every file and the “exclude from search” is not enabled. I have done all the usuals such as close and re-opened DT and restart the computer.

I will try using time machine shortly.

Just wondering if anyone has had the experience lately?

I’ve been stumped (or, rather, stumped myself) in the past when search seems to be “broken” when in fact I neglected some basic things:

  1. I find a lot when I search with “fuzzy” check and very little when I don’t. That’s not “broken”.
  2. I suddenly find nothing in a search that previously had many hits. Usually because I changed the search scope to single database or root hierarchy. That’s not “broken”.

… and so on. I’ve never had a rebuild ruin the concordance (basis of search), though I suppose anything can happen. You might want to open a support ticket and send in the logs since the forum cannot fix issues like this.

Thanks. I have submitted a ticket.
I only meant to see if someone has similar experience recently, i.e. some random files missing the search or missing search after rebuild. That’s all I want to ask.

I just conducted another test. I duplicate those files that couldn’t be searched to a newly created database. I can search those file perfectly in the new database.

So, I think it is a database specific issue and not related to DT.

The time machine backup of yesterday didn’t solved my problem. But I also did a full backup of all databases via DT twice a week. The search function is going back to normal after I restore the previously copy of DT full backup.

The lesson to me is: always backup the database regularly by different methods and with multiple copies in different disks. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

It was not intended as criticism. However, frequently in forums people make postings that only Support for that software can address – it’s faster to just open a ticket when issue arise then to wait for the forum. Better for you.

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Understood :smiley: :smiley:.
I’m just puzzled about what I have done. DT3.0 can stand pretty heavy abuse and I haven’t screwed up my database since DT3.0 beta - particularly since the tags in DT3 can be detached from the Finder.

Well, you can experiment. Export a significant block of files to the filesystem, then create a new database that indexes that exported set of files and see if you have problems. It might help narrow down the problem.

Thanks again!