Strange window behaviors

HI, I’m on a MBA 2014, mojave 10.14.6 and DT 3.7. I use multiple desktops and a second monitor. I have two strange window behaviors:

  1. When I enable the sorter to show as dock tab, the sorter shows up on the second monitor and not the MBA screen where the Mac dock is on the left side. I believe the display arrangement has something to do with this. The second monitor is physically located above the MBA display. Ideally, the sorter tab would be on the MBA or whichever monitor that has the dock.

  2. I have 4 desktop spaces and “Assign” DT3 to desktop 4. If I’m in Desktop 3 and I cmd-tab to DT3, then the Download Manager pops up in Desktop 3 even though I assigned it to Desktop 4. My testing shows that Download manager and Log windows will move desktop but activity and the main window will not.

I hope this is clear and can offer more details if it’s confusing.

  1. I don’t believe we have any control over what monitor the Sorter will appear on. @aedwards ?
  2. This is a known issue. @cgrunenberg ?

Currently it’s actually intended as some users requested this (at least for the Log window)

When using the dock tab with multiple monitors the all the screens real estate and positioning are taken into account when determining the left and right boundaries. To have the sorter available on it is recommend that you use the Sorter as a menu extra.

@cgrunenberg Can I request that the activity and download windows follow the same behavior as the log window?

@aedwards I see. if only my menu wasn’t so full.

We’ll consider this for future releases.

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I also need this functionality. In a horizontal layout it sucks the sorter shows in the right monitor forcing me to look over to the second monitor to interact with it. This is context breaking as I usually work with safari from the first monitor for example. It should be simple to select which monitor to show the sorter in via an option instead of having to default to the “use all my monitors as the whole canvas” in deciding left/right/top/bottom. In a 4 monitor left to right layout where the user sits center with monitor 1 it would show the sorter all the way to the right at the 4th monitor for example which would be really painful.