Strange zoom in 3 pane view; incompletely downloaded files

I have two issues with the newest version of DTPO on Mountain Lion, and was wondering if anybody knows a fix, or has even experienced these:

  1. Using three pane view, I have a document selected in the top right pane. When I two finger zoom in the bottom right pane, the doc zooms, but also moves up and to the right, so that part of the image is lost.

  2. When I download a pdf from Safari to my Global Inbox, in the dialog box for Print to PDF, I see ghost files with the Safari icon on a white page, with an empty progress bar to the left. I cannot find these files in DTPO by searching. I don’t need these files, but am wondering if there is a way to remove whatever is cached as files waiting to be downloaded. I suspect these may be files that I started downloading from the Dropbox page via Safari, and then stopped each download, but I am not sure.


Fixed number 2: Went into the folder structure Library->Application Support->DevonThink Pro 2->Inbox and found the weird icons with blank progress bars, just deleted them from the Finder.

Still having the first issue.