Strategies: database file sizes- file linking - backups?

My issues are probably a mix of management approaches I could fix right now with your advice, as well as things that won’t be such an issue in version2.0 pro.

Here’s my situation:

I have a number of database files. They are all getting to inefficient sizes, not just for responsive searching, but also for backups and moving between home/work. I want to improve this and have it work even as I continue to add media.

I store my .pdfs, images, text files, web archives, in fact ALL filetypes and formats inside the database package files. I do this for what seems a convenience of moving/storing a single file and so I have .mp3 files etc viewable from work or home (ie I need to view the linked file without the link to the original media ever breaking).

I use an automated backup process which works well mirroring and restoring to-and-from my 60gig iPod. This is getting slower though as time goes on because of the increasing size of the database packages. Not good when I have to run for the train.

Also, even one tiny change inside a database results in the ENTIRE package getting backed up each time (since the package file appears as a single changed document in the finder).

  1. How might I go about ensuring only individual file and index changes get backed up - not the whole package - while also always having linked files/media accessible?

  2. In the preferences/Backup tab in Dthink, I can change the number of internal backups inside the package file. These seem to account for quite a lot of the package size! Whats a balance on staying safe but keeping the package size to a minimum?

  3. Also in the preferences/Backup tab in Dthink, options like “External files too” and “Destination” look useful… but they don’t function. Whats happening?


You could either use a third-party sync software copying only new/modified files or you could use the script “Scripts > Export > Backup Archive…” to transfer databases. This script verifies & optimizes the database and creates a zip archive of the database (not including additional backups) afterwards.

To stay safe it’s always recommend to copy important data to external drives and/or to burn CDs/DVDs every then and now. The more often you do this, the less important the backups of DT are (but usually 2 or 3 internal backups are recommended)

That’s not yet implemented.