Streamdeck and Devonthink

I am just dying for some ideas to justify buying a Streamdeck. So far, for me it seems like an answer without a question. Any ideas on how other DT3 users put Streamdeck to work to make their workflow more efficient?


Did you already search for the existing threads related to Streamdeck?

I bought one for testing and while it’s a cool device, it doesn’t make much sense in the context of everyday use. The device is made for quick switched actions, e.g., playing a sound, turning on/off camera two, play promo so I can go grab a cup of coffee and use the restroom.

Yes, you can set up buttons to run actions like open a workspace, etc. but it’s more novel than necessary.

I use my StreamDeck to “Open Workspace” in the morning, and to “Close All Databases” at the end of the day.

I also use it for a number of non-DEVONThink workflows, too.

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I’ve also been itching to pull that trigger but I’m sorry to tell you that as a knowledge worker on my Mac I have not found a “legitimate” reason to justify the expense (or addition of another thing on my desk) :joy:

I did however make a couple of keys I didn’t use on my keyboard into hot keys for specific apps to appease the part of me that wanted to press a button to open a couple of apps (using Alfred).

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I use a Keyboard Maestro macro to file things from Finder (actually PathFinder in my case) into DT groups. It takes one macro and the use of the parameter field on the Stream Deck to set up as many DT destinations as you want