I would like to use DTTG but as I understand it this means I have to download the entire database (currently about 50 gigs) to the iPad. That’s not feasible.

Is there any reason why DTTG could not use streaming? The db would live in (or be mirrored in) BOX. DTTG would have only pointers. When you needed an item, it would be downloaded over WiFi or ethernet or whatever. There would have to be provisions to actually download and keep a file on the iPad so you could work on the plane without WiFi, but basically the idea would be to keep the database in the cloud.

ios11 is going to make iPad a much better tool for the kind of research DevonThinkPro users do. Streaming or something like it seems a solution to what is otherwise an untenable situation.

cloud services are NOT safe for DEVONthink databases. If you have yours in one, you should immediately move them to a safe local location, like ~/Databases.

Sigh. How tedious. I had a suggestion for a new feature. It might or might not be a good idea; might or might not work, but syncing is, uh, you know, 21st century stuff. Worth a thought. But what do I get back?

I get a minatory, schoolmarmish reply that is in no way a response to what I wrote. Par for the course at DT. It’s (mostly) a great product, but customer interaction—not so much.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply.

You’re welcome.

PS: You’re more than welcome to discuss what ever you want here. That doesn’t mean it is technologically feasible, which also means discussion of it would be purely academic or novel right now.

PPS: Be careful with your phrasing. Open, and even passionate, discussion is welcome on the Forums but personal slights or attacks are not. People, yes even employees of the company, should feel free to speak their minds without feeling like someone will judge or demean them, regardless if they’re in agreement or not.

PPPS: I felt admonished and demeaned by your short and irrelevant response to my initial, reasonably phrased comment. Hence the heat. And still no explanation; just a rap on the knuckles. That’s not customer support as I understand it.

Kevin… Perhaps I’m not understanding your question, but I have a very large database that syncs to a data store on Dropbox from my mac (the “server” if you will). My store is set up so that on my iOS device the files in the database are not downloaded to my device until I specifically choose to access that file. Is this what you’re asking to do?

Sorry you feel admonished or demeaned. I merely stated a clear technical fact about the current state of things as well as a warning to any passers-by (including yourself) to NOT put their databases in any cloud-synced folder. We warn on this at every opportunity as people continue to do this despite our warnings and some of the behavior we disallow programmatically.

That’s exactly what our “shallow” sync does: It downloads only the metadata so that you can search and use the database without network traffic but you download a document when needed.