"Streamlined" RSS Reading

(Pardon the poorly chosen subject. “Streamlined for my particular tastes.”)

  1. I was on board when DEVONthink Pro Office implemented RSS feed reading. It is awesome to be able to work with articles in this way. But one “annoyance” is that I have is that the RSS feed must go to the abbreviated, often highly textualised summary, but I have many feeds where I would like it to immediately go to the article itself (e.g. all of the information content is in the article). In Vienna RSS, I choose “Folder… Use Web Page for Articles” and I get this wonderful feature.

  2. I would like a faster, hands-on-keyboard way to move up and down among the RSS articles themselves, but then use a different key combination to scroll the selected article. Currently, I scroll the article with track pad, but how I do it seems to require losing the focus on the article selector. (I have tried different combinations of modifiers and keys/PgUp/PgDown, but some other application may have the relevant keystrokes masked.) EDIT: Basically I would like something like DEVONagent-style navigation, where alt-cmd-arrows selects article, but arrow keys move the content window.

Does anyone have any solutions to either of these issues? If these were “fixed” or if I were enlightened then I would consider DEVONthink the most complete RSS experience in existence.


PS I can use Keyboard Maestro as well, if this would help.