Struggling to manage email attachments in DTPO

I have 4 years of email archived within DTPO. Originally this was done using the email filter rule that would run the Apple Script and store the email message and attachments, however that process completely stopped working, not sure when but noticed it in March after losing email…so instead I use the File --> Import --> Email path to import messages. I created an Automator app that made it quick to execute via Alfred, so I can just do that anytime after I read a bunch of mail or at EOD.

The issue I am facing is that email imported (rather than using filter rules) do not split the attachment outside of the email message. Thus if a document is in an email I cannot simply search for that document, an example would be PowerPoint presentations received via email do not show up in SmartGroup for file types by name, kind, etc.

I am wondering if DT3 will change any of this, if so I am happy to switch immediately. I had attempted to evaluate one of the beta versions, but email import was too crippled without a DT3 license to be useful for me at all…and I couldn’t commit to buying during beta.

  • No attachments in imported emails are not automatically separated from each other.
  • The application scripts, including Apple Mail’s, have been updated and offer the same functionality.
  • Attachments in imported emails are indexed, if possible. However, no they will not be shown in results for a specific file type, like PowerPoint.

but email import was too crippled without a DT3 license to be useful for me at all

The trial limitation still allows enough importing to test the results of your query here.

I now recall what was a big issue using the Mail filter Rules and the provided AppleScript, it fails to get the sent message, which is critical for me to maintain an archive of as well. I have Mail sent to BCC myself, and the rest of the rules work (e.g. copy to an On My Mac folder)…however the messages from my own account never get sent to DTP. If I manually select the message and “Apply Inbox Rules” it works, but it does not run when the BCC’d message is received. The filters work for other BCC messages that are not sent from the same account I am trying to get email from.

(Currently testing with DT3 in hopes that it worked better than DTPO)

Note: We have no control over Apple Mail Rules and when and if they’re triggered.

Exactly my problem, too. How do I find all imported emails that have certain attachments…e.g PDF’s or Excel files. Hope some smart Devonthink user can help here…

Only the content of the attachments is indexed but not their kind.

The other issue I am seeing, beyond it not including my own sent (BCC) emails is that I often see duplicates imported via Rules. Every email that I had received while my laptop was “offline” was then added between 1 and 4 times each. The extra noise largely defeats the value of content management.