Stuck on Beta 4 while Beta 6 is already out


I just queried DT for updates and the answer was:

However, I can see that Version 3.0beta6 is already out. Any idea why I’m having this issue?


You can always download their newest build from their download site.

Maybe a simple network issue or some caching between you and our server, e.g. by your ISP? As suggested just download the latest version from our website and replace your copy with the new one.

Hi all,

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

Yes, I know I can download the latest version and install it over the existing one, however I still would like to know why the updating mechanism isn’t working properly.

Any word from the devs would be great to hear, thanks.

This is a third-party mechanism making remote contact with our servers. It is not guaranteed to be bullet-proof, as no remote access process is going to be, given caching and/or network conditions and server responses.

Do you use LittleSnitch or any other tool that might block network traffic?

Hi @cgrunenberg, no, just built-in firewall (there’s no outbound connections blocker)

@BLUEFROG Not sure how I feel about your answer, because while what you say is technically correct, as an end-user I’d expect not having to deal with these sorts of glitches, and as an infrastructure developer myself, I couldn’t sleep well knowing I’m not providing my clients with a reliable solution.

This is no different than the foibles of Apple’s PDFKit in macOS. That is a standard framework we (and many people) use. However it is not perfect due to Apple’s attempts to create a universal framework for iOS and macOS. Short of developing our own framework from scratch - no small task - or licensing another - which would add to the cost of the software as still leaves us in the same position as we’re in now, we can work around some things, but we have no control over what Apple is doing with it.

Also, the percentage of times the updater framework is working as expected far exceeds the times it doesn’t.