Studying for Professional exams


I’ve just moved over from windows to mac and looking for a OneNote alternative. GrowlyNotes looks like a clone but has no iPad support so thats out.

I am a SQL DBA who currently uses OneNote for creating study notes for Microsoft tech exams as well as collating notes from conferences. Typical usage includes writing my own notes, grabbing doc files, screenshots, videos and web links. Annotating the doc files and screenshots.

I would like to use the ipad for note taking at conferences and then syncing back to the main repository.

I have downloaded the demo but am being overwhelmed. Will DEVONthink meet the above criteria? Can I use the software to create freeform notes? Does the iPad app allow me to create notes and then sync back?

Apologies if these are basic questions


These seem to be the gist of your requirements (numbers added).

(1) DEVONthink desktop excels at meeting this requirement. Don’t be overwhelmed by the feature set – as with any software, learn what you need to know to get started; and explore and grow into the other features as your comfort with the program continues. The forums, the blog, the books, and lots of external sources have extensive dialog on use of DEVONthink by researchers and authors – explore a little and you’ll find the advice.

(2) If it’s only text notetaking you want, and maybe some camera shots of whiteboards, or sound notes, then DTTG is middling good. OTOH, strictly personal opinion, DTTG does not excel at this. There are many other iPad apps that do some or all of these things. Over here, I use a variety of iPad apps for the tasks in (2) with the requirement that they sync from/to Dropbox or Box, and then I index those Dropbox and Box folders in DEVONthink desktop. I find I get more utility and flexibility that way then DTTG provides.

I started playing with the demo and just got lost. Being a typical male, I didn’t read the help or manual first and as a consequence just got overwhelmed :slight_smile: . Will go back and read the manual and try again.

For iPad stuff - it is just going to be basic notes to be written up when back on the mbp. Will check a few apps out.

Cheers for the help