Style Sheet Preference

DTPO PB7. In Preferences > Web I added a Style Sheet. The style sheet defined only the “p” element. This caused many web sites to appear very strangely, affecting more than “p” tags, and not affecting other tags. This wasn’t worth troubleshooting, so I deleted the Style Sheet preference and restarted DTPO. No luck. The sites were still wrong, although the Style Sheet was no longer visibly present in Preferences. I had to remove com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2.plist to get rid of the problem (which of course got rid of all my other settings too; but that’s life in beta-land.)


  1. Why would a user-defined style cause (almost) all other styles to disappear?
  2. Why doesn’t reverting this preference make it disappear?
  3. I saved my old .plist - is there a safe way to get rid of the offending section of that so I can restore the .plist (and my other settings)?

Only the selected style sheet is used, therefore you should e.g. copy & modify an existing one.

Just select another existing (!) style sheet again.

IMHO, this is a bit dangerous and unexpected. I would expect a user-defined style sheet to override particular styles (e.g., “p” tags), but not eliminate all other styles. In Safari, a user-defined style sheet only affects the styles contained in that user sheet, and not any other styles. (Beside, DT actually operates in a more complex way somewhere between these two extremes. As I said, it’s too much work to evaluate why.)

The default out-of-the box pref is no style sheet (field is blank). Adding, then deleting a sheet should return DT to the default (no style sheet). I think you’re suggesting that once you change the default, then you can’t go back. Which is in fact what happens. If you delete a user-defined sheet, it doesn’t actually go away. It’s just not visibly selected in the Preferences. IMHO, that is also undesirable behavior. If I want no user-defined sheet, I should be able to remove it from the Preferences pane and DT should also remove it from the .plist. DT doesn’t behave that way.

My fault, I thought we’re talking about style sheets for feeds :open_mouth: But the style sheet defined via the Web preference pane should work like in Safari, assuming that Safari is using the WebKit’s public API in this case. You might have to restart the application and/or to empty the cache due to WebKit’s caching.

Restart and cache clearing don’t remove the pointers to the (supposedly deactivated) stylesheet in com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2.plist. I’ll work up a before- and after comparison of the plist and send it to you offline.

I’ve successfully set custom CSS for reading RSS threads. In this case a user forum I subscribe to. The feed is just the text body of the message and follows my style sheet settings. Clicking on the link to view the actual page, the text size of the font in the thread is so small I can’t read it. That same page viewed in Safari and Firefox is “normal” size. Any suggestions?

Safari 3.2.3, 10.5.8, b7

I had a similar problem with RSS CSS (this is not related to my other problem with Preferences > Web > Style sheet). The font I had set in Preferences > Web > Standard Font was too small. The default is “Times 16”.

Thanks. This fixed it. :smiley: