Stylesheet Notes Markdown Edit Mode

I’m aware I can easily style my markdown Preview using css. Is there a css for the markdown Edit mode? I find the lines a little bit too close and would love to give it some more height.

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Preferences > Editing > Plain Text Font controls plain text views, including the source of Markdown.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve already changed been there and changed into my favorite font from iA Writer. Just wondered if I could adjust line-height somewhere hidden in a file somwhere.

That is something that I have also been looking for. Do you have any plans to make the plaintext editing mode visually nicer?

I love the visual style of iAWriter and it is indeed hard to focus on the text in DEVONthink as the lines are too close together and also too long. I am using iAWriter as external editor but I also need the features of DEVONthink to quickly add links to other files, etc.

What would be great to have are nice visual defaults or at least the ability to adjust the line spacing and width for plain-text views.

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