Subfolders not sorting by name

My subfolders on the lefthand dropdown menu are not correctly sorting by name (see image below). The top level folders are correctly sorted by name in ascending order, but the subfolders are not for some reason. They were sorted correctly in the last beta version of DT3, and today, I downloaded and bought the final version of DT3, and now they are not sorting correctly. I confirmed that I have the sort set correctly (see below). I changed to sort by kind and descending order and changed back and got the same result. I cannot change the order manually.

When I add a new group and name it “…2. Bookends added today” - it sorts it the new folder correctly and does not move the other identically named folder to the correct position.

Even when I type “…2.” to the beginning of an existing folder, it does not move it to the position where it placed the new folder that started with “…2.”

In addition to “unsorted” not being selected, either when I am on the main folder or the subfolders, I am unable to manually sort any of the subfolders.

Any thoughts?

The top item is a group.
The bottom item is a smart group.
Those don’t sort together.

Isn’t the point of sort by name that it sorts by name and not by kind? Also, in the previous beta version, it did sort by name only and not by kind. Do you know why it has changed in this latest version? Is there a setting somewhere that adjusts this?

Did you enable the preference “Keep groups on top when sorting”?

It was checked! However, I unchecked it, and the problem persists, even after resorting and restarting DT3. I have confirmed numerous times that it is now unchecked. The sorting has not changed from my image above. Any other thoughts?

This might be a bug, I’ll check this.

3.0.2 will fix this.