Submissions Tracking

I’m probably repeating a question that has been answered here, but after doing some searching of the forums I haven’t found any postings. I’m relatively new to using DevonTHINK Pro Office, so I haven’t much expertise at using it.

I would like to be able to use DT Pro Office to track material I have under submission to publishers. My guess is that using a sheet is the logical choice. I was wondering if anyone had devised a template specifically designed for this, or could offer some instruction on devising one.

A record would have the document’s title and the flexibility to accept multiple entries for publisher names, dates it was sent, acceptances, rejections, reprintings, rights granted, and payments.


Well, maybe I figured it out:

Just start a new sheet, add as many column headings as you need, and click finish. You can link the title in the sheet to the document you’re tracking.

Can that be done? I tried creating links in the sheets but wasn’t able to.

Record contents are plain text, so you can’t create a hyperlink in a Record.

Easy workaround: In a Record, enter the name of the document to which you would like to “link”. Afterwards, select it and press Command-/ (Lookup). A Search window will open with the document name already entered. Limit the search to Name for quick response. Press Return. That’s it, in milliseconds of search response time. So you have achieved the objective of a hyperlink, but in a different way.

You’re right. You can’t link from a sheet to a another document. That certainly isn’t very useful.

It would be nice if one could establish links inside Records. Perhaps in the future.

Nevertheless, I still use Sheets & Records to do things very similar to what you want to do, using the method described above.

Adding links from records in sheets to documents elsewhere in DTP would definitely make it a more useful application.

All that’s necessary for that is to allow rich text cells, unless I don’t understand something.

Yes, rich text cells would allow hyperlinking inside a cell.

It’s a bit more complicated, though. Currently, Sheets & Records allows one to import delimited plain text files from Excel and other applications that export such files – as well as the ability to export a Sheet as a delimited plain text file that can be read by Excel.

So ‘on-the-fly’ format conversion and the corresponding file extension would have to be made to such imports and exports to maintain those compatibilities.

All that trouble for a simple hyperlink! Well, it’s not so simple, really—but I think you know what I mean. (I think I hear a programmer somewhere in the background muttering darkly, “Simple, simple, what do these people know about simple grumble grumble…”)


I, too, would like the ability to track manuscript submissions within DevonThink Pro, which has been incredibly useful for organizing my writing projects and associated research. Until it’s a bit easier though, I make do with a simple freeware program called Manuscript Tracker, which is no longer being developed, but is the only one I’ve found for Mac. Simple and straightforward, and so far (fingers crossed) even seems to work with Leopard.

Good luck.

Thanks, JR,

It looks like it might be useful.

DTP sheets actually does everything I want except allow links.

This is an unfortunate failing in an application whose strong point the developers tout as being its linking capabilities.