Subscription model - monthly? Trial?


looking to have a single solution as a digital filing cabinet but I can’t justify paying for the software in one lump sum unfortunately. Is there any monthly option or a lite version ? I couldn’t see anything obvious anywhere but figured I’d ask :slight_smile:

Hoping to replace OneNote which is ok but I know DT3 is better from the things I’ve read etc.


Hi there :slight_smile:

There is no subscription model for DEVONthink 3 - only for the iOS version (which is DEVONthink To Go). There are (as you will have seen) three different tiers of DEVONthink, and you can upgrade from on to the other later on.

Whilst I have no doubt DEVONthink is better than OneNote (it’s also better than a main battle tank or a pair of socks), you need to define your use case more granularly (you probably already have) - after that, take a look at the Editions page, which will show up which additional functions are only available in the Pro and Server editions. If you don’t need those additional functions, you’d be good to go with the Standard version, which is more affordably priced (actually, I feel all three editions are very reasonably priced for what they do; “affordable” will vary from person to person, of course). Student discounts are available if that helps (I’m guessing from your profile picture that it might not).

All versions of DT3 come as a trial version; I can’t find a word about that on the homepage, but I’ll keep looking. I think it’s 30 days or a number of hours, whichever comes first. I’ll post back here if I find more (@BLUEFROG neither the manual nor a search of the website reveal anything about a trial; seeing as you folks seem to know what you’re doing, I’d almost assume that’s intentional. I just can’t imagine any reason why it would be - may I ask DT to reconsider and possibly make the availability of a trial version more prominent?)

Thanks for the detailed reply.

I won’t be able to make use of student licensing!

I want a digital filing cabinet to store digital letters and things that otherwise clutter up physical letter trays etc - something that will allow me to search on terms and bring up what I need.

OneNote is easy to use and works fine but I can’t help feeling that DT3 would be more efficient. OneNote is very intuitive and easy to pick up but I work in IT and have a busy life so just want to be sure I’m as productive as possible.


That basic need would be fulfilled by the Standard edition in my opinion. One major omission from that version is integrated OCR; if you use scanner software which has integrated OCR capabilities, that may well not be a problem. As I said, take a look at the trial; if memory serves me correctly, functions not available in the standard version will be marked with a star in the trial (but you can still trial those functions).

Welcome @jaipal2004

A functional trial of DEVONthink 3 with the features of the Server edition can be downloaded from here: Downloads
It will run with the functions of the Server edition (which encompasses the Pro and Standard features as well) for 150 non-consecutive hours or 30 days​. All Pro and Searver features are marked with a blue star in the menus.


In addition, take a look at the Handbooks and Extras page which has links to the most excellent, and constantly updated, user handbook and an excellent, free, “Take Control…” book—both downloadable in various formats and both of which will give you an excellent idea of DT’s capabilities.