Sudden oddity with pages from Safari

I’m using DT pro 2.1. Over the past few days, when I clip pages from Safari using PDF (pag) option, about two-thirds of the time the article will appear not as a PDF but as a bookmark.

If I do it again, it usually works okay, but I’ve been doing this trouble-free for ages and I’m at a loss to understand why it should suddenly go wrong. I think I had to update the program recently, after which I noticed that there were two DT bookmarklets (if that’s what they’re called) in Safari. They looked identical so I had to pick one and delete it. Could that be the problem and, if so, how do I put it right?


Could you please post a sample URL? Because this might be network issue. Has been anything logged (see Windows > Logs)?

It’s just happened with this URL: … id=8156707
It’s gone into DT as a bookmark rather than the PDF (pag) file I asked for.
When I go back to the Safari page and clip it again it seemed to work okay. It said it was a pdf. But it was only 2kb and was blank.
Third time lucky.
I’ve attached a screen grab.
The log doesn’t seem to say anything interesting.

Just tried this URL but it’s working as expected. What kind of Internet connection do you use? By default DEVONthink is using a timeout of 60 seconds.

Instead of using bookmarklets to add paginated PDF documents, you could also print the page to DEVONthink.

I’m on a broadband connection which often gives me 5-6 MBPS.

Just tried again and naturally it works okay! Incidentally, I’ve noticed that occasionally when you try clipping pages that bring ads up first, the ad is clipped to as DT obviously doesn’t know to wait till it goes away. Is there a way around that?

The only workarounds coming to my mind are to print the page at the right moment or to use Safari Reader.

Problem solved. Getting irritated with it so got rid of the bookmarklet and reinstalled it. Suddenly I get a new, more sophisticated, box coming up. Clearly this is the NEW clipping device and it seems to work immediately. Somehow I’d managed to keep the old one with the newer version of DT Pro. With luck, that’s sorted it. Thanks for the help.