suddenly "services" is not an option when I right click

when i highlight text and control-click, i used to get a menu and was able to select services and then “take rich note” or “append to rich note.” That seems to have vanished. What might I be doing wrong?


It seems your computer is the one “doing wrong” rather than you. :slight_smile:

Often, a Restart of the compute will clear up such flaky behavior. If not, running OS X maintenance routines with a utility such as C0cktail or OnyX will probably restore normal behavior.

Thanks. Will give it a try.

On my 10.8 systems, at least up to 10.8.2, the Services menu sometimes didn’t appear on the first try but eventually did after retrying. It hasn’t happened again since updating to 10.8.3.

tried all suggestions and still ‘services’ does not appear.

Are you using DEVONthink, or some other app when this happens? What type of document? Or is it every document?

Instead of the control-click contextual menu, what if you click the “DEVONthink > Services” menu?

I just downloaded the latest DTP update and we’re good again. Thanks for the responses.