I am a regular user of devonthink pro office, and i generally use SUGARSYNC to sync my files to use them everywhere, but as there is no sync link between devonthink and sugarsync i use to sync all my database instead of selected files and also because of this i am unable to view my files from windows based pcs.
due to this i use to sync my devonthink database as well as a duplicate of all my files in a single macbook, which is just a sort of headache, i think if developers can add this feature of sugarsync, dropbox etc direct sync, then it can greatly enhance the functionality of this product.

I hope that my suggestions will be taken care soon in the upcoming updates :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I dropped dropbox and moved to sugarsync. Is there a chance you’llmake syncing via sugarsync possible?

Best, Matze

Unlikely, unless SugarSync starts offering a WebDAV option. Sorry.