suggestion : actual "path"

Perhaps i didn’t find a setting that provides this feature, in this case sorry.

I would like to be able to see very quickly where the document is classified.

“Reveal”-Menuitem is not present on every right-click (don’t understand why it is sometimes missing)

and attempting the “information” tab is not very easy.

COuld there be a full path
(like this : databaseXYZ>private>house>electricity)

in a little window (the same that you can activate in MAcOSxX finder)
in the bottom or the top of the window (where DTP already gives details about the file)?

The file path appears in every view, first item under the toolbar.

soory, yes, for a document, yes, but not for a group (if you highlight a group in the “group” pane).

this is perhaps beacause of a behavior that i don’t understand and dislike (but there are perhaps reasons for that:)

When i double-click on a group, i don’t see the higher groups tof the hierarchy any more.
I wonder why? I would like to see always a fully collapsed path-tree in the group windows, is there a way to have this?

thank you

You can find the full path to a group in the Info Pane (command-shif-i). Location for the selected item is near the bottom of the pane. You can also pull down the ‘Instances’ menu in the Info pane to see an iconic representation of the enclosing groups hierarchy.

Thank you.

So right now, there is no way to have these informations in a window that stays active for every item/group that you highlight?

Right now, even if you keep open the Info Pane, you have to click on instances again for each group or file.

Would be great to have integrated the “instances menu” in the main windows!

Or leave the “group” display always fully collapsed.

Correct-no way to do that. Personally, I prefer DEVONthink’s behavior here over the way the Finder pops up a new window for every document selected.

Another though that may work for you is when you hover the cursor over an item in DEVONthink, you get a pop-up location. Personally, I really wish this could be turned off in DEVONthink, but it may be exactly what you are looking for.

Yes, i saw the “Mouse-Over-Information-Windwos”, but it is really too slow, have to wait that it pops up.

So i suggest for futur versions an optional info pane, always visible, with the full path of any group or item highlighted, and yes, if possible, with all instances/replicata of the doc highlighted.


Double-clicking a group “hoists” that group into its own window. That’s why you do not see the group’s hierarchy (its parents). There would be no reason to show these, because the point of hoisting a group in DEVONthink, or a folder in Finder, or any other application that supports hoisting is to focus on the group or folder and its children rather than its parents. I don’t imagine anyone who uses hoisting would want to have it differently.

I understand.
When i began working with DTP two weeks ago, i disabled very soon “open group in new window” as i had tons of windows open on my desktop…

Now i activated it again and will try again to see if this makes me see , in every moment, where i am actually in the hierarchy.

Perhaps it was not a good idea to work with DTPO in one single window.

In any case, am i really the only user who would like a permanent pane with all infos about replicate/duplicata docs?

This might be a case of “be careful what you ask for”? :smiley: There’s a bit of a kerfuffle going on over at the OmniGroup forums because the latest version of OmniGraffle has a permanently-visible inspector panel, which power users are objecting to because (a) they don’t need it, (b) it takes up real estate, and © it cannot be moved off to another monitor – which is a common set up for graphics workers. The same might be true for DEVONthink?

I will continue learning to use DTPO, and perhaps delete this suggestion.

But right now, must say that i am really, really often wondering : “Where am i ?” …
And this makes stuck the workflow.

Will see…

Thank you you for your answers.

Perhaps a description of your desired workflow may get you some responses that are targeted to what you want to accomplish. In my use of DEVONthink, the ‘where I am’ is of secondary importance to ‘what I am searching for’. I find DEVONthink to be an excellent tool to create, retrieve, analyze, and make connections to my data, while at the same time it is also a pretty lousy Finder replacement.

Working with DTPO for nearly 1 month now, i confirm that it should really be possible to click on a group and see in which subgroup his group is located. Even if it is more important to find data than to know where it is, the last point is important too in order to organize the “folders” in an effective way.

What view are you using? View > as Columns provides a view similar to Finder. A series of columns at the top of the view window clearly shows the hierarchy for each selected document or group.

The feature is there – in several different ways as described in the earlier posts above – but perhaps you just don’t like the way it’s done? As Greg mentioned, knowing what you are looking to do in your “workflow” would be helpful, because it’s not clear how you prefer to see the path information.

Thanks for you replies, but
1)The desired information is displayed for documents, right, but not for a groups !

If you are in (this is a freely imagined example, i nearly don’t manage housekeeping things with DTPO, but mostly professional stuff)


and you click on “bills”, you don’t see that this is a subgroup from water .
So if you have also

home>house> electricity>bills

you dont see in which “bills” you are, or even worse, you don’see that you are in “bills” at all!

  1. In the Finder, you can activate a little window at the bottom of every Finder-Window, where you can see the actual path.
    Presume that you have (outside from DTPO) folders like


you can click in this window on “house” or on “water”, and you are immediately in this folder!

So, i would be happy if the little window on the top of the column view in DTPO

  • showed paths that are clickable !
  • and showed the “group” path not only for documents, but also for groups!

I cannot explain what my specific workflow is - i only want to put documents in groups like mentionned above. I want to see with one click “which documents and which groups are in the “folder” “house””, or in the “bills” of water, and everytime know where i am actually navigating.

Got it.

You want “breadcrumbs”. (More here.)

Great. Thank you for this word, right, “breadcrumbs”-Navigation is exactly what i need and what i want. I don’t think that this would be as difficult as that to realise it.

The little Window is already there, it only has to become clickable and show also the full path when a group and not an object is active. And , by the way, if it could be in another font (stronger), a little bit like in bottom of the Finder(when active) , would be perfect :slight_smile:

Seeing as there have been but a handful of requests for breadcrumbs in the past 7.5 years, it might take awhile. Never hurts to resurrect the request from time to time. :unamused:

i second sascha’s request, especially since i am also using path finder :wink:

Keyboard Maestro Editor-1.jpg

here is the keyboard maestro macro i am using to show me the location of the current group