Suggestion: add “in Favorites” and “in Reading List” to list of smart group predicates

As time goes on, the list of items in Favorites and Reading List becomes quite long
This would allow users to create smart groups

  • containing items both in specific groups and in favorites or any other predicate in favorites
  • to sync both favorites and reading list with DTTG3. Although DTTG3 can’t sync with the Mac, the smart groups can, and it could serve as a workaround.
    thank you

The smart groups of DEVONthink 3 aren’t supported by DEVONthink To Go currently. But synchronizing of favorites and reading lists is planned for future releases.


thank you Christian

Hi, just making sure Reading List sync to DTTG is sill in progress (as opposed to being released with me unable to find it in the app.)

On macOS, I see reading list is being synced by iCloud.

As a workaround, is there a way to sync reading list items with a tag?

You might have have to customize the smart groups on the home screen.

Ah! It was highlighted (enabled) in the Edit view but not appearing in the Smart Groups list. Tapping it off and on in Edit made it appear with the right number of items. Thanks!