Suggestion - better text editing for RTFD

Hi DTTG folks,

I love both DTTG and DT, but the one thing that I really feel that is missing, is a great text editor. I find myself having to create new, formatted rich text documents with other text/note editors and then jump through hoops to import the documents into DTTG. I would LOVE to see a ribbon bar with text editing options, including the ability to add items (documents, photos, audio recordings, etc.) directly into my note.

I’ve included the editing ribbon from one of my Notes applications, as an example. At the press of a button, it allows the the inclusion of a attachments, manual drawing/painting, bulleted lists, numbered list, inclusion of checkboxes, text alignment formatting, choosing text color, highlighting, headers, font sizes, bold/italics/underline, strike through, linked documents, sub/super script, etc.

Thanks for the consideration!

Remembering that RTF is NOT mobile-native, what app is this screencap from?

Hi BlueFrog,

This screenshot is from an application called DS Note by Synology. I’m able to create the note locally on my iPhone/iPad and sync it with my Synolgoy server. The same server that’s running my WebDAV for DevonThink.

I’m not sure what you mean by RTF not being mobile-native.


RTF files are not native as in Apple has not built in support for them. Any support has come through third-party frameworks and applications. This is decidedly different than macOS where RTF is a native and supported format.

Very interesting! Thanks for the update.

No problem. This is one of the reasons we have been working on our Formatted Note type. It is HTML (web technology) under-the-hood, but styles more like RTF. It is still early on in its development but is definitely mobile native. Cheers!

I’m really looking forward to have better formatting options that sync seamless with macOS and iOS.

That’s something we’ll be working on.