[Suggestion] Create New then Open in separate window

For DEVONthink 3 on the Mac, I would like to see an option that when we use Data > New …" or **Data > New from Template …", that the newly created document is opened in a new window. For me, this facilitates focused editing.

(Yes, smart rules and scripts and other techniques can accomplish this, I know.)

Thanks for posting this in the public board!

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I was about to write that an option for creating new data in new windows is a really good idea although I probably won’t be using it as I’m almost solely working with DT’s main window.

But then I thought: Hey, when the new note gets opened in a new window the cursor probably will be in that window—and that would help my workflow and so I actually would be using it. Because what I’m still missing is an option to put the cursor into the text pane of a new note and not into its name field in the item list. (Which could be another option independent from korm’s but I won’t suggest that here because that would mean hijacking his thread.)

Anyhow: +1.

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There is already a similar option in Preferences > WikiLinks though it’s specific to Wiki documents.

It’s Open new documents in separate windows.

I know. But this suggestion is different.

… however, of course, you have pointed out the prior art that supports my point :slight_smile:

And I was pointing out the precedent to @cgrunenberg :wink:

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