Suggestion: Encrypted Groups & Records

I like to suggest a method to encrypt groups and/or records.
Working on case files, I do have documents which are more sensitive than others. Pages & Numbers files can have their own password protection, and also PDF’s. What I’d like to see is having an option to convert regular files to password-protected files within DT and even for groups.

Thanks for the suggestion! Actually we considered a file-based encryption during the development of version 3 but the current approach (see File > New Encrypted Database…) has lots of advantages, e.g. no need for proprietary encryption, no unencrypted temporary files, support for Quick Look and external viewing/editing.

I am toying around with it. Unfortunately, for my use its not too useful since the database stays open after being unused for some time, nor does it ask for the key upon wake from sleep. Maybe it would be possible to have the database lock itself after a certain amount of time without use, and also upon waking up the computer?

If the database is unused, why not just close it? This not only closes the database but also unmounts it.