Suggestion for 3.0 sidebar

I like the way sidebar is being used in 3.0 but it also means that the bar will soon be filled with a long list of inboxes, tags, databases and their sub-groups, and smart groups and rules. When I use ctrl-cmd-g or ctrl-cmd-m, the “Go To…” field helps me jumping to the right group instantly. If such field can be add to the top of the side bar, it would save us huge amount of time in expanding and collapsing various trees.

I understand that the current priority is bugs identification, so I am just making a suggestion for future update.

Thanks for listening.

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Thanks for the suggestion! However, this sounds kind of redundant and you would need a shortcut (or mouse click) still the activate the search field. What’s the advantage compared to the Go To… popover which can be used anywhere?

(1) ctrl-cmd-g provides quick/instant access to groups but not for tags, smart groups, and smart rules?
(2) I only have three databases and I already have to scroll up and down in the sidebar to access/find/organise different elements (sub-tags, and some smart groups that are located within sub-group). It is hard/cumbersome to collapse the group- and tag-trees each time once they are expanded.
(3) You are right that frequently used short-cut keys will/can be remembered, but click-on field is convenient for initial uses.

Again, I understand that bug identification is top priority AND obviously habit can/will be adjusted. But for the sidebar I suspect that many users will soon find that they need to collapse and expand different trees constantly to un-clutter the side bar.

Not a complaint, just a thought.

Did you try to the option (see Preferences > General) to automatically expand/collapse the sidebar?

Thanks! I’ll check it out right away!

Disclaimer - don’t waste ur time on this:
Just found that I’ve already checked this option. Not sure what it does according to the help: “Check this to automatically show the [sidebar] when revealing an item or opening a group in a new window.”. Nothing happened when I select an item in the main window and click on the “Reveal” icon (the tree in sidebar doesn’t expand). If I enable “double click opens groups in a new windows”, the sidebar in the new window does expand and show where I am in the tree.
But I guess the issue is that I remember the name of group/smart group at most time but not sure where the group is…
Anyway, just another adjustment to the modified UI and it’s probably not a big deal.