suggestion for better keyboard navigation

I would like to request better keyboard navigation in DA.

I have just played around with Omniweb a little bit. In the end I still like DA better, but I find omniweb much easier to navigate around in. moving between tabs is command>left/right arrow and moving to their different workspaces is command>up/down arrow. I think when Spaces comes out for the new Mac OS, omniweb’s workspaces won’t be as cool. But, there tabs navigation is much easier and quicker than DA.

Why not make command>arrows the shortcut for moving between tabs. It is much quicker and intuitive than the current shortcute.

Another major thing- you do not have a way to keybaord navigate into the bookmarks pane, arrow through them, and launch one. This really needs to happen in a big way. Why not have command>down/up arrow bring you to the last highlighted bookmark, uses up and down arrows for navigating through them, use the space bar to open/close bookmark folders, and enter to launch them?