Suggestion for "Move To" menu functionality

Some feedback for improving the functionality of the Move To search function (and presumably other locations within DT3 where search is used).

An example: Suppose a group “Receipts” encloses a sub-group “2019.” The user selects an item in the global inbox to move and selects the Move To menu item. An interface appears allowing the user to narrow the visible groups by typing. The user types Recei… and the Receipts group is selected. Separately, the user may type “201…” and the 2019 group is selected. The user types “Recei 201” and nothing is selected.

Allow the user to type the words or prefixes for “Receipts 2019” and have the 2019 groups selected that is enclosed in the Receipts group.

Which Move To item actually? E.g. the contextual menu item Move To is quite different from Data > Move To… which already provides a search interface.

@devamag : I am guessing what you are saying is:
When using ctrl-cmd-M or ctrl-cmd-G, we may remember the name of the parent group (“Receipts” in your case") but not the sub-groups (which does not contain the name “receipts” but are under the group “Receipts”). So, it would be more convenient if all of the subgroups of the identified group/s are also shown in the box for users to choose the exact location?

I am referring to the Move To menu choice under the Data menu. I’m suggesting a change in it’s functionality which may improve the usefulness of search results.

Yes. Except that the visible subgroups would be narrowed down by additional search terms. One might have several “2019” sub groups, for example, but the one I want is the one enclosed by “Receipts.” I guess I’m asking that the parent path of a group also be searched by a search term.