Suggestion for ways to use Dropbox / sync stores efficiently

I have two laptops on different networks that I use daily. (Work and home.) Am doing a lot of research in both areas, and have been using a dropbox sync setup to keep the two laptops in sync (which seemed expedient because only I am using both machines).

Right now I have a space issues, and my recent research dumped into dtpo hasn’t helped. Am frustrated that I need to have both my DTPO local storage and dropbox storage on the same device.

I’m wondering if there is a way to sync to cloud-only instead of locally hosted Dropbox files (like my syncstore) so that I don’t double the “cost” of all of my DTPO data?


Not only do you not have to, you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t have sync data on your local machine.

You should have gone into the Dropbox application’s Preferences > Sync > Selective Sync, pressed the Choose folders to sync button, and unchecked the Apps/DEVONthink Packet Sync option.

If you’ve made a local sync store in Dropbox, that’s certainly possible, but it’s not the advocated method of using Dropbox as a sync location.

Well there you go! I will attempt to make this change now. thank you!

Ah HA! I’m an idiot. I did follow the right instructions on one machine, and then didn’t duplicate it on the other machine. So I’m now making the selective sync fix on the other machine – very grateful, as finding out how to “fix” this problem wasn’t coming up in searches, because … I shouldn’t have had a problem. :wink:

No worries. Glad to help. :smiley: