Suggestion: Make more meta data available

i would like to have more meta data for the groups/tags/documents available to me, especially in combination with smart groups.

in addition, why not have a ‘usage’ field combining all those stats in one metric?
e.g. how often did i open it from a search, how much did i scroll in it/read it, how much of it have i read, have i annotated it, how much have i annotated it…

all that could be made available to the user.

as of now: i can’t even build a smart group with documents accessed in the last 6 months sorted by access timestamp. or maybe i can but i can’t figure out how.

Thanks for the suggestions! At least the last one might be part of upcoming versions.

Yayy!! More requests for granular time predictates in Smart Groups! :mrgreen:

Sorry but this is something I’m lobbying for too. I’m a big fan of more powerful time-based search functions. 8)

As i said already to Eric:

i think that the locations got from DevonThinkToGo must be visible and permit finding documents that have been produced/tagged in a specific location.

Geotagging is the future in every application and service…

I disagree. There are many reasons against geotagging. I think it should not only be opt-in, but opt-in at file, not application level.

I can find some use cases for it but as a policy? Waaayy too much loss of privacy for my taste (and invitations to malcontents as well).

i can see very specific use cases for this but i would hate devonthink to be this intrusive. mind sharing a few generic/general use cases for this?

One of the intersting features in Evernote was the map view, i used it very often. Let the application show me all notes that have been taken at the same place (e.g. on an annual fare that i visit every near, for several years), or notes that had been taken in holidays (same thing : if there is one place for one holiday, you could find them via date. But if you spent your holidays several times in the same place, finding all notes taken in this place is only possible via Geotagging and (nearly) not via time and date arguments)

It’s not intrusive if you can swith the feature off !

If the NSA is interested in your locations, i am sure that they will find the tags that are already in your DevonThink ToGo notes… :slight_smile:
So why not make them visible to the owner of the database, if he wants this.

Did you switch off the geotagging of your iphone/ipad photos?
Personally, i am very happy that Lightroom or iPhoto offer a geomap of all my iPhone photos, and i am really sad that my Nikon D300 still doesn’t offer Geotagging.

One (of many, sure :slight_smile:) advantage of DTPO vs Evernote is that the notes stay on the servers of the users, and only optionally on Dropbox, Google or whatever. So why not have notes that could be used to analyze my movements…
I had no problem with this when i worked with Evernote, although there, for sure, you cannot be sure that they don’t use these informations one day to sell advertising matching with the track profile build with the geotags of the notes…

So with a database that is on my own homeserver, really don’t see any intrusion :open_mouth:


i hope you mean ‘turn it on’. i wouldn’t want an opt-out. opt-in is fine and you have convinced me, it seems like a great feature after all :wink:

though i never use DTTG, i just dislike it. i actually use evernote on the go… :wink:

i append my first post because i forgot it: session based groupings. if i am researching something i add tens or hundreds of pdfs/website into devonthink within a rather short timeframe. i can never find them intuitively. would be great if there was a way to group them like this.

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