Suggestion: More degrees of freedom for PDF "text notes"

Here’s one feature I would like to see before I’m able to permanently give up on my standalone PDF editor: Adjustable font sizes and transparent background colors for my PDF text notes (the ones that float on the page, not those that hover on the sides of a pages). As far as I can tell, the fonts currently appear huge, and the opaque yellow color does not work for my documents, which generally have prohibitively narrow margins…

Any workarounds or plans to implement this?

Thank you.

It’s already possible to change the font using the Fonts panel. Version 2.0.4 will also be able to change the background color.

Thank you for the update. I was not able to change the fonts using the Fonts Panel but will try again (it may have been a bad moment for my own system).

Glad to hear about adjustable background colors in 2.0.4, and I hope (semi)transparent colors will also be possible.