Suggestion on DT Forum

I discovered DT only a few days ago and I have already had the possibility to test its great capabilities.

I also like very much this forum (especially the unvaluable contribution of the “veterans”).

Anyway, when it comes to feature requests form users, I would like to hear more clearly the voices of developers.
I appreciate the section of the forum dedicated to the feature request but I think it is not easy (for a new user) to track all the previous requests and, more importatnt, to understand if they’re going to be implemented or not.

Take a look to the feeback furom set up by Cocoatech for Pathfinder (; there’s a sort of survey and every user have 10 votes at disposal to be distributed among the proposed enhancements).

I’m not saying such a solution is necessary.
It would be enough a sticky post with a summary of the feature requests and the official state of each one (done, programmed, ongoing, under review).

Thank you for this idea.

While we have internal plans about how the next development steps for our apps look like including a ranked list of all incoming feature requests, we do not think that swarm intelligence will unavoidable lead to the best feature set of a product.

What we do have, however, is a large team of beta testers evaluating every intermediate version of our apps and giving feedback.