Suggestion: Path would appear in a column after a search

Suggestion: Path of a file would appear in a column after a search

Path of files generally appears in a column which is very useful. This permits to act of file by sorting by their location.

However, when one does a search, path of the files appears below the file name in the search results view.
The path option does not appear on the bar menu (with the right-click). So it is not possible to sort results according to their path.
A separate column on the search result view would be a great functional addition.


You can. That’s not the “path”. It’s the “Location” and there’s a column header for it, if you want to add it.

Hi Jim
The only choice I have are “chemin” or “URL” on the search results pane.
None of them gives the path to where is the file in my database.

Emplacement or “Location” in English (leading to the path) does not appear in the choices for the Search results pane.

Here are the choices in the menus
Capture d’écran 2017-12-29 à 18.32.28.png

In the search window, click on the Name (Nom) column title repeatedly and (in English) it will toggle the sort order four ways; Name descending/ascending, then Location descending/ascending.

Location is a column header option in the normal views but, as you have discovered, is not an option in the search window.

Great Greg,
Thank you !