suggestions for applescripting to devonthink?

I frequently grab text from emails or texteditor or whatever to move to devonthink.

Has anyone developed an applescript they might share to help with this that I could customize?

I would like to be able to select each email from <sender> then copy text then paste into a new devonthink window, then repeat until I’ve copied the various messages.  I suppose I could import mail, daily.  But this seems overkill.  Just a simple (hopefully idea) to just move limited and important emails so I don’t distract the devonthink search engine with most of my meaningless email.

Are you saying you grab some but not nearly all the text of an email message? If not, you could select all the emails you want and then export from Mail via the Save As… menu command.

I prefer to append bits of text from various sources (email, the web, whatever) to one or more subject files. Before DEVONthink came to my attention, I wrote several applescripts to make a clipping system. It worked fairly well but since I imported the clipping files into DT, I haven’t used the applescripts. Now I use the DT text-only service and distribute the resulting text clippings to the subject folders.

There is a freeware Service called AppendNote

that appends text to one flat file. Periodically you could import the file into DT and move things around as needed.

Version 1.7.5 will introduce "Append Plain/Rich Note" services (will be released this or next week).