Suggestions for DEVONthink-friendly Audio Recording tool?

Hello everyone!

I know DTP is predominantly a text-facing tool, but it’s also a great way to keep project folders together.

As a result, I’m finding I need to capture some audio into a DEVONthink group. What I’d love to be able to do is drop a blank/empty audio file into the DT Templates set, so I can just create a new recording in the folder, then open it externally, click a big, fat red button, then save and quit the external editor. The audio recording in DT is then automagically updated (this is the step I’m confident of).

However, looking around, there’s no audio software that I can find that does this. There’s things like Tapedeck and Piezo, but both insist on working with their own document storage ares, which they try to hide from me. Even creating a very short clip of silence in Quicktime and using that as a template no longer allows you to record more audio to it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for something lightweight, cheap, and mac-native that will do this?

Thanks for any light shed!

  • Dave

It’s not technically feasibe to create a “blank audio file” you can fill up (and if it was, it would be a highly specialized process). If you record something, it is fixed when you save it.
You can use an audio recorder and export to the Global Inbox (or save to it, if the option is offered).

Down with lossy audio compression file formats!

Thanks for the message, Jim. That’s both a shame and an explanation as to why every application I found wanted to manage their own silos.

I’m pretty sure this was something we used to be able to do, but I might be going back decades…

Could also be a useful feature for a future DTPO update (and another reason for me to get around to clearing out my inbox more regularly…)

No problem. :smiley: