Suggestions for future versions

I just downloaded DEVONthink earlier today, and after running through the application for a couple of hours I’m quite impressed. This is getting close to being the perfect application for me.

I’ve a few requests and a lot of questions I’ve come across as I’ve used the application. Please bear with me, and if you happen to know the answer to one or more of my questions, I’d appreciate it!

  1. Is it possible to get double-clicked folders in the icon view to open in the original window, instead of spawning a new one?

  2. Would it be possible to get DT to display html files that have PHP embedded in them? (w/ the .php extension.) I’m not expecting DT to parse PHP, but I’d like to be able to see the HTML in these files rendered.

  3. Does DT use the built-in HTML render to display HTML? Will it be hooked into Webcore soon?

  4. Is it possible to change the background colour and font colours of the icon pane? If not, can this be added to a future version?

  5. Is it possible (or would it be) to display all of the formats Quicktime can display? Specifically, it would be great to see Flash and SWF displayed from in DT.