Suggestions for improving PDF annotation handling in DT(PO)

I’ve been extensively annotating the numerous and humungous PDFs in my DT database, and it is safe to say that my workflow depends on the effective management of such annotations.

Allow me then to make a few suggestions that, in my view, will greatly improve these capabilities and will obviate an external PDF editor (, PDFpen, etc.):

  1. Allow transparent background colors for text annotations. (Currently all colors are opaque.)

1a. Implement a “typewriter” annotation tool, akin to that found in Acrobat Professional. (However, this may be recreated as a regular text annotation with a 9-point monospace font, a transparent background, and no border—and therefore may be incorporated within suggestion #1 above.)

  1. Allow the border thickness of a text annotation to be set to zero, effectively enabling the user to eliminate said border if so desired.

  2. Enable DT to remember the most recent settings for each type of annotation (e.g. color, font size, etc.), or allow the user to define default settings. (To give an example, a newly created text annotation currently has a yellow background and huge fonts; it seems impossible to change these defaults.)

  3. Add a “straight line” annotation, including selectable arrowheads. (It is curious that no such tool has been implemented, although circles and rectangles are available.)

  4. Allow the user to duplicate an annotation (e.g. a line or a text annotation) by copy-pasting it.

  5. No longer exclude annotations from ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ capabilities. (Currently, ‘undo’ only reverses the most recent non-annotating action, and I find this behavior unexpected and misleading.)

Thank you very much.