Suggestions for New Features

  1. Integration with Apple Mail, and an OPML-compliant outliner, such as Opal (A Sharp).

It makes sense to have your email action items and your writing and researching in the same app.

Mitch Kapor’s Chandler (Open Source Applications Foundation) looks like a very exciting platform, but it is not ready yet.

  1. Some tools to integrate with Skype. What I’m doing now is using Audio Hijack (Rogue Amoeba) to record Skype conversations as MP3 files. It would be nice to be able to bring the MP3 files into DevonThink and tag them with metadata that DevonThink could search through. My writing requires a good deal of interviewing, so bringing sound into DevonThink would be useful.

Hi, Wheat: There have been lots of discussions about the writing environment and outliners.

The current scripts capture plain text content only from Mail, although each message retains as metadata the mailto address of the sender. A future application version will allow capture of rich text with hyperlinks, as well as attachments.

You can already import your MP3 files into your database and play them inside the database. Use the Info panel’s Comment field to add additional searchable notes.

Is there a way to bring up and modify an mp3 file’s id3 tag info? (Or perhaps plans for this?)

It seems like I’m “reinventing the wheel,” having to retype file info when mp3 technology already incorporates a robust metadata structure.