suggestions for tablet mouse alternative?

Hello everyone,

I think I need an alternative mouse. I have had the magic mouse for over 9 months but I am still experiencing pain – both internal pain as well as red marks on the pad of my hand where the hand touches the table.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for a wacom tablet? I am only familiar with the wacom brand name from the apple store (I use macbook pro) ~ but now I think it is time I try it out. It doesn’t have to be wacom ~ I just want suggestions for a mouse alternative that is comfortable and affordable.


Hi, I have a moderately new Wacom Bamboo Capture(the midrange version). The size is nice and it handles touch input. I always have it on my desk. I also have the magic mouse and the magic trackpad. For input I prefer the magic trackpad, it is just a joy to use, and much more precise than the Wacom tablet. I do alot of Photoshop and Painter, and that is when I use the Wacom, but for general input, the magic trackpad is the way to go. As an added plus it supports all of the wonderful multi touch gestures in Lion that the Wacom just doesn’t.

Hope this helps.

thanks for the reply rcloud,

so about the magic trackpad ~ so you maneuver the mouse using the magic trackpad – but why is it better or easier than the built in trackpad? Do you think it puts less pressure on the wrist? And I really appreciate your input ~ I saw a screencast about the magic trackpad put I didn’t understand the benefits.

well the magic trackpad is quite large for one thing. It is ergonomically quite luxurious and far preferable to any mouse I have used. I had a 2011 Macbook Pro but gave it away in favor of a 27" iMac. The baseline trackpad technology is the same. The magic trackpad is more comfortable than the built in one because you don’t have to be hunched over the center of your laptop to use it.

As for your wrist problems, another benefit to the magic trackpad would be the ability to use a cushion to wrest your hand upon. You couldn’t really do this with a mouse as there is so much movement. With the trackpad your wrist stays in one base location and your fingers do the movement. I’m sure you have seen the cusions they make for keyboards, you could find a smaller one and use it with the trackpad.