Suggestions from a new user...

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

I have recently purchased both DTPO and DTTG (along with DEVONagent Pro), and have some suggestions for both DTPO and DTTG. Being fairly new to these applications, please excuse me if I’ve just missed how to do some of these things.

Regarding DTPO:

  1. I’d like to have some basic outlining functions included. I would see this being implemented as an additional document type (i.e., Text, Sheet, or Outline). The Outline should include collapsable and nested levels–the existing “List” just doesn’t cut it when you need a real, albeit basic, outline.

  2. For some reason, the Chrome browser extension only works once per page. One the second click, nothing happens. To activiate the extension again you have to refresh the page. I’m not sure if this is by design, but I’d like to have the ability to clip the same web page twice without refreshing (for example, once as just the URL, then again as the full webpage).

  3. I’d like to see better integration with Time Machine. It would be great if TM would back up indiviudal files rather than the entire database, but I’m not sure if that’s possible with the current package structure of DTPO. It’s not ideal to have to make multiple copies of a multi-gigabyte db for one small change to a single text document.

  4. After scanning multiple documents, I noticed that OCR only occurs on one document at a time, serially. I would think it would be possible to multitask and be able to OCR multiple documents at once, in parallel, after they are scanned.

  5. Please add a proper “checkbox” to Rich Text documents–checkboxes that can be checked and unchecked. I’m currently using the List options–basically the open bullets and check bullets to simulate this, but that workaround isn’t ideal and doesn’t work in DTTG. Ideally, the checkboxes should also be able to be checked/unchecked from DTTG.

  6. Encryption, preferably at the group level. I’d like to have the ability to encrypt certain groups (with at least 128 bit AES encryption) without having to encrypt the entire database. This encryption, and the ability to decrypt and re-encrypt should ideally carry over to DTTG, allowing access to these groups on the go. This would allow me to get rid of multiple other methods I currently use to store passwords, financial data, etc (I use encrypted disk images on my Mac and Tap Forms on iOS).

And finally, two questions:

  1. Is there a way to show the location of all Duplicates/Replicates of certain document? For example, if I am in folder A, I see that one of the documents is red, meaning I made a replicant of it. How can I find where the Replicant(s) is/are?

  2. Is there a way to edit to OCR’d words when they are incorrect? Some of the words come up as gibberish, and I’d like to be able to select the portion of the document and manually type in what the correct word is. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

I think many would agree with you, but I imagine it would be hard to compete with the outliners already available in the market. DEVONthink’s developers don’t tend to focus on editors so much as getting data into DTPO and helping you search and organize it.

You’re right - it’s not possible. Every developer’s package structure is different, DEVONthink’s package includes metadata about the contents. So, if a piece of a subfolder inside a DEVONthink package were restored from Time Machine, DEVONthink would have to be aware of what happened and fix up the database – and in doing so would be making guesses (often wrong) about some prior state of the database.

A solution, if this matters, is to index your files and not import them into DEVONthink. Your files will then be in “normal” folders in the file system and Time Machine will do the piece-part backup that you’re looking for.

Is this about DTTG or DTPO? On the desktop, interactive checkboxes (or any other interactive typographical element) is limitation of RTFs in general (AFAIK).

Select the document. Tools > Show Info > Instances provides a dropdown box that shows the location of duplicates and replicants. (With a technical limitation – if it’s a group that you replicated then DEVONthink does not consider the “replicated” child groups and documents of the replicated group to be “real” replicants. I think this is a UI bug, the developers think it’s consistent with UNIX aliasing. We’re both right :wink: )

Not in DTPO. With Acrobat you can use the Text Touch Up tool. If you get frequent or pervasive errors in OCRd documents, you might want to increase the resolution on your scanner.

Thanks very much for your detailed reply–very helpful, and in the case of showing the location of Replicants, exactly what I was looking for!

Regarding checkboxes, I’d like to have that ability (to create, check, and uncheck boxes) on both DTPO and DTTG. Evernote figured out how to do it, and it works; however, they are probably not using traditional Rich Text formatting because the overall formatting and format syncing between the desktop and iOS versions is so atrocious as to be almost unusable. I’d rather DEVONtechnologies do things right, even if it is less feature-rich.

Thanks again for your reply.

Sorry for answering to an old thread, but you saved my day with this post, korm. I just started to become crazy about this. I could find no explanation for this (for me) strange behaviour. Worse, before reading your post, I thought after so many years using DT I still did not really understand the differences between replicants and duplicates. I’ve not been aware it has something to do with a replicated group.