Suggestions: List file LOCATIONS; Search OpenMeta Tags

Two Suggestions for Increased Functionality (put all that consumed RAM to use!) :laughing:

1. List the Folder location of the file without opening Finder.
I have organized my files coherently; location provides contextual meaning as important as the search content. For example, I glean clues from the Folder location, because of how I have organized such as date, client name, etc. These context clues are missing from DSE results entirely and similarly looking files returned from a quick search would be aided by the additional visual clues from Location --> which could be a toggled option.

2. Search of OpenMeta Tags
If you have meticulously tagged your files with Tagger or TagIt or some similar app, DevonSphere Express won’t find your tags! This should be a simple matter for your talented developers to address and hopefully they will.


I second both of these suggestions. This app has great potential. I use Yep! constantly (especially scanning documents in) and DTP for some projects. This app could nestle beautifully between them. :smiley:

Another big vote for OpenMeta support. Datalore does a decent job of implementing the search command - a β€œ#” preceding the search term will search on tag (or filename) while leaving out the β€œ#” will search file contents.

Another vote for OpenMeta tags. I use it all the time on spotlight and Tembo and it really improves my workflow.