Hello everybody –

I am writer and journalist. I started working with DevonThinkPro about two weeks ago and I have to say: I do like the application very much.

Before I buy DTP though I would like to know if and when the “Summarize” (in German: “zusammenfassen”) function will be activated.

This is one feature that I very much need as I pull a lot my research from the internet. I need to condense all those articles and blogs to get a quick overview of their contents.

Best, and thanks again for a great application,


Good question—I was wondering the same.

In the meantime, you can use OS X’s built-in Summary service (select text → Application Menu → Services → Summarize). I haven’t compared the quality of that vs. DT’s own summarize, but that should work as a stopgap measure.


But still – is there anybody out there who knows about this “summarize” function and when it will be implemented?

Maybe the DT team could clarify this question. I thought that DTPO simply used the Finder’s “Summarize” Services Menu command. I even tried both to compare with sample text and found no difference in the summarized results.

Uh ok. That’s interesting. I have been using Leopard’s summarize function these past days – thanks again dbyler – and have found it of limited usefulness. It merely seems to boil the text down rather than analyse it and then decide which parts to keep. But, better than nothing.

Still, I like DTP. It could use a brush up of its UI though. It has also crashed a few times (I know it’s a beta). I found out it’s better not to use the note-taking widget…



Whenever you have a crash, report it to, this will help us to stabilize the app ASAP. Thanks!

Ok, I will. Glad to be of help.

In the meantime, could you tell me when DTP moves out of beta and all its functions are activated?

I will buy DTO as it has grown invaluable for me these last weeks. I still do my writing in Scrivener but I have moved all my research to DTP.

Still, it would be great to know when the “testing period” is over.

Thanking in advance for an answer (and thanking for a great application),


Hmmm, too bad nobody of the developers seems to want to answer my question :frowning:

There’s not a date marked on a calendar.

The final 2.0 release will be made when the planned list of features is complete – and Christian is satisfied. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: