Summarize Highlights as Markdown: how to create a keyboard shortcut?

Summarizing the highlights of a PDF has quickly become part of my workflow, so I’d like to have a shortcut for it.

I went to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts , selected DevonThink and set Command + Shift + S as shortcut.
As menu description I tried with “Summarize Highlights as Markdown” and “as Markdown”, but none of them produced any effect.

How do I create such shortcut?

Please notice I can create another combination of keys if needed: I’d prefer Command + Shift + S because it’s more intuitive for me.

The complete hierarchy Tools->Summarize Highlights->as Markdown should work.

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It works!
I wasn’t aware of the hierarchy factor.
Thank you very much!

The name of menu items is usually sufficient if (!) it’s unique, otherwise (like in this case) the complete hierarchy is necessary.

Got it! Thank you!