Summarize Highlights for a selection

I love the Summarize Highlights output especially with the option to block quote, and the smart rule to strip out the CriticMarkup.

However, I do find that on occasion I’ve gone back to a PDF and added more highlights. Some kind of sync to a linked Summarize note is probably a bit much to ask, but I did wonder if there might be an easy way to add an option to “Copy linked selection” which could copy to the clipboard the same Markdown markup which Summarize Highlights generates? (i.e. with a ## header with a PDF page link, and the selected text from the PDF as a blockquote).

Did you have a look at the Annotations & Reminder inspector? Its Annotations popup menu includes commands to insert back links and quotes. And there’s a template for Markdown annotations.

That’s awesome — no, I didn’t know. Thank you! It’s extremely close to what I’m after.

Can I create my own template? Is there a way I can trigger a Smart Rule when I create one?

Just add your own ones to the Annotations folder which can be accessed via the menu.

Creating an annotation triggers On Creation events.