Summarize Highlights Options greyed out

Catalina 10.15.7, DevonThink Latest version

If I open a pdf in DevonThink → highlight passages in the pdf → save PDF, and then want to see a summary of my highlights, I click on Tools → Summarize Highlights, the 3 options (Markdown, Rich Text and Sheet) are greyed out.

thank you

A screenshot of the window would be useful, I couldn’t reproduce this.

After closing and reopening DevonThink, I can now see the Summarize Highlights submenu (markdown, RTF, etc)

But in the process of troubleshooting, I found the following issue:

If I open (Cmd-O) the PDF → highlight sections (see below) → save → tools → summarize highlights → markdown → nothing happens. No highlights summary markdown file is created.

If I open (Cmd-O) the PDF → highlight sections (see below) → save → CLOSE WINDOW → tools → summarize highlights → markdown → all is fine. Markdown highlights summary located in the same group.

thank you Christian

In case of frontmost document windows the result can be found in the inbox.

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thank you Christian

Nice feature I found and which is unique to DT: if I merge the original PDF and the markdown annotations summary, I get a very nice easy to read summary showing the highlights and the PDF as inline which is exactly what I like and which other PDF apps (PDF Expert, Foxit, PDF Reader Pro, Skim, PDF Pen Pro) do not have. Bravo !

have a nice weekend

Thanks, have a nice one too!

Hi! How do you merge them together?


Tools → Merge You can choose between Merge and leave the originals or Merge and delete the originals.

Merge order: by default the document higher on the list is the first in the merge. Set your list to Manual Sort and move the docs up and down to suit your merge order.

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I am having the same problem, except with a Web Archive. Restarting DT did not solve it.
Any thoughts about what the problem might be?
Devonthink 3.8.3
Mac OS 12.3.1

Highlighted content in HTML files don’t work with the Summarize commands. This may be a feature in a future version.

I thought this might be the case, so I converted the doc to a pdf and of course it worked fine. But I would be very happy not to have to spend the time and attention to create a redundant doc. So I hope that this does become a future feature!

Thanks, as always.


You’re welcome.