Summary engine for Web Clipper?

I’m building an iOS shortcut to clip articles because of some specific workflows.
I’m using Mozilla’s Readability engine to generate excerpt / summaries. But they’re not as accurate as the DT clipper. So now I’m curious - what is the DT clipper using? And is it a script / engine which is available like Readability?

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Actually - answering myself I stand corrected. Readability is doing an excellent job, it’s the IOS Shortcuts’ “Get excerpt” action which is performing poorly. I’ve switched over to using my own Readability implementation everywhere. Still curious though: is DT using Readability under the hood?

No. The clutter-free option uses a specialized process on our server to process the URL.

Thanks. I’m not so much referring to clutter-free, but especially to the generated summary with the web clipper. How is that generated? Also on-server by a custom solution?

What generated summary are you referring to?

What is in the Comments field of the Share Extension on DTTG

That’s retrieved from the web page’s metadata usually. On the Mac common metadata (like title, author or description) can be viewed in the Document > Properties inspector and a smart rule can be used to use this after clipping too.

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